Key Recommendations on Accountability and Checks & Balances

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➢    An Independent Accountability Office to produce regular reports on educational outcomes, with full access to the data.

➢    An Inspector Generalto investigate and report to the public any case of malfeasance, corruption, or mismanagement of school system employees, including those at the top. 

➢    An Ombudspersonto address and resolve parental complaints, and to provide the Board and the Chancellor recommendations on how services, policies, or procedures affecting parents and their children should be improved.
    Mayoral control was based in large part on a promise of greater accountability.  Instead, by acting as though they had unlimited power, the Mayor and Chancellor have been answerable to no one.

    As parents, we recommend a governance system distinguished by an educational partnership that includes the Mayor, a Board of Education whose members will strive toward cohesion and consensus, and new independent oversight agencies to verify financial and academic outcomes, investigate corruption, and respond to parental  complaints.

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